New Book Shop Opens in Kendal

A CLUB dedicated to raising funds for the community has found a new ‘bigger, brighter and better’ space for its new bookshop in Kendal.

The Kendal and District Lions Club, which has raised money for the South Lakes for more than 40 years, opened its new bookshop on Friday after the previous store closed last summer.

Situated on the top floor of the Westmorland Shopping Centre, the space has been filled with a wide variety of books from cookery and gardening to thrillers and children’s novels.

Kathleen Dennison, the club’s president, said donations had poured in. “We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated so far,” she said “We’ve received not only stacks of books but also puzzles, DVDs, board games and CDs and all of these items are most welcome in our new store.”

The shop also has a children’s corner and a space for art displays.

“Our shop is bigger, brighter and better, “ said Mrs Dennison. “We now have an art display so school children and other art groups can show off their work.”

Irene Robinson, club treasurer, said the money raised went straight back into the community. “We’ve helped girls’ football teams with kit and in return they’re collecting books for us,” she said. “We’ve also raised money for deliberators.

“If anyone is interested in being a volunteer or a Lions member just come and pop in the shop!”

The charity store is open every Wed, Fri, and Sat from 10am until 4pm.

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