Travel Reads at Waterstones

For any long journey, a good read is essential and with the holiday season coming up we have decided to highlight some of the books we think you NEED to read! ✈

First up, the Netflix sensation One Day. This book will have you laughing and crying at the same time. Twenty years, two people, One Day captures the experiences of a generation for Emma and Dexter. This book has been described as 'a must read' and 'a future classic'. ✨

Now this next book is taking BookTok by storm! It's a thrilling fantasy about Violet's attempts to become a dragon rider amidst the intrigue and deadly danger of the kingdom of Navarre. Fourth Wing has an enemies-to-lovers plotline that will be sure to have you hooked!

Or if you're looking for something more interactive, Murdle is an 'utterly addictive' murderous puzzle book. It has been described as having 'bite-sized mysteries that are simply to die for'. There must be a reason why it has been named the 'Waterstones gift of the year'! Why don't you find out for yourself and pick it up in-store today?

And lastly, The Price OF Life. This book may leave you questioning everything! It has been described as 'a concept that re-frames how you think about the world.' With shocking realities, the author discovers more questions than answers! This book features a series of extraordinary encounters with everyone from modern-day slaves to Silicon Valley billionaires, journalist and documentary-maker Jenny Kleeman delivers an alarming, funny and eye-opening book about monetization, tech and the price of human life in today's world.

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